Do the crazy thing


I build high performing teams. 


In 2018 I lived on a Buffalo Ranch in the Canadian Rockies and became friends with a singing cowboy named Leo. When the snow melted, I camped and surfed my way from Seattle to San Diego.

In late 2017 I drove out of New York City with my backcountry ski gear. I spent the next few months skiing and living along British Columbia’s Powder Highway.

In 2016 my cofounders and I led our real estate tech startup, Hightower, through a merger with VTS. The Wall Street Journal reported on the deal

Crain's New York named our young company one of the "Best Places to Work" in 2015.

My cofounders and I moved from Seattle to NYC in 2014. We shared an apartment in Little Italy at 147 Mulberry Street. 

Boarding my flight to NYC, I was radioactive enough to set off dirty bomb detectors. I had to carry a note telling Homeland Security I wasn't a terrorist.

In 2013 I got divorced. I spent nine months sleeping on a couch in my cofounder's living room. 

I was also diagnosed with cancer in 2013. It was a tough year. 

I studied customer development with Steve Blank in 2012. His guidance and advice changed my life. 

In 2011 I started an innovation consultancy with one of my best friends. We worked with Nordstrom Labs and the Microsoft Garage to launch products and innovation practices. We were very good at this. 

My writing on startups went viral, eliciting the praise and scorn of the internet. The most surreal moment was going to Linkedin and seeing something I wrote as "trending on the web".

In 2010 I facilitated the first Startup Weekend events in the Middle East and Central America. This is some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.

In 2009 I dropped out of a master’s program at the University of Washington in Human Centered Design.

In 2008 I hit 47 miles per hour on a bicycle with a bee in my spandex. I didn't know about the bee until the bottom of the hill.

In 2007 I joined Redfin. I was laid off when Lehman crashed and nearly went broke, coming home one day to find a foreclosure notice on my condo. 

I was married in the town of Ganges, a small haven off the coast of British Columbia. 

In 2005 I crashed a motorcycle. I was young, dumb, and lucky.

I delivered pizzas and thought it was a pretty good gig.

In 2003 I opened a music production studio and arts space in Seattle, where I got to work with incredibly talented people and some incredibly dangerous ones

I studied music production in college and promoted hip hop shows. I also played keys and rapped in a live hip hop band based out of Bellingham, WA. 

In 1999 I snowboarded off a cliff at high speed (on purpose) and hit a tree before I hit the ground (not on purpose). I actually hit several trees and spent the next few months in pain, on crutches, and smoking lots of pot.

I didn’t like high school and graduated in three years instead of four.

In 1994 Ms. Dooley called me out in front of the entire class for filling my math workbook with songs and poetry. 

In 1990 I got into the Edmonds School District's "gifted" program – after cheating on the test. On orientation day, I stapled my finger. 

In 1984 I went to Disneyland for my birthday. They were celebrating Donald Duck's 50th anniversary with "Happy Birthday, Donald!" parades. I thought these parades were for me.

I was born on June 11th 1982, on Capitol Hill in Seattle WA.


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